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Huayhuash Trek
One of the main and most scenic access routes without car to the Cordillera Huayhuash moves right through Pomapata and its Quebrada Condor. Wonderful scenic nature and excellent views enrich this trail, before it descends into the Quartelhuain valley and over into the HUayhuash area. A tough circuit of over two weeks is rewarding the tough adventurer with exciting vistas and thrilling impressions.
Route: Chiquian - Pomapata - Condorcoccha - Cacanan Punta - Mitucoccha - Carhuacoccha - HUayhuash - Lna. Viconga - Huayllapa - Tapush - Jahuacoccha - Pacllon - Chiquian
Duration: appx. 17 days
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Condorcoccha Trek
A one-week trek from Chiquian offers a nice and relaxed discovery of idyllic lagunas, thousands of flowers and steep, majestic mountains away from the crowds. Discover the indigenous life of the people of the high Andes, be their guest and blend into their nature along with them. Taste their splendid pachamanca meal or learn to prepare it yourself. Watch the stars over a scenic valley and witness the elegant circles of Eagles and Condors.
Route: Chiquian - Pomapata - Quebrada Condor - Laguna Condor - Laguna Winco - Quebrada Condor - Pomapata - Chiquian
Duration: appx. 7 days
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Puntahuay & Condorcoccha Trek
A challenge for adventurers and explorers leads you into three high andean valleys with lagunas in each of them, beneath snow capped mountains beyond. Bring plenty of film along on this tour. We recommend to do this trek in at least 11 days, more are easily possible. You will explore Hupaymarca, Puntahuay and Condorcoccha before returning to Pomapata and - along a panoramic trail passing ancient ruins - to Chiquian.
Route: Chiquian - Pomapata - Pallca - Hupaymarca - Puntahuay - Condorcoccha - Pomapata - Huasta - Chiquian
Duration: appx. 11 days
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