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Huayhuash Trek
Why?The Huayhuash is considered to be one of the Earth's most beautiful and impressive mountain ranges. Peaks reaching up to over 6.000 meters, or well beyond 20,000 feet, with rock- and ice slopes touching 80 degrees and more, these bizarre and wonderful mountains touch everybody's heart. The trek around this range is very demanding, especially when done without donkeys. Now some new roads were built upon the old trails, and some mines offer frightening views, so we offer you an alternative which is barely longerand way more scenic than the traditional trail via Llamac. Our adventure will leave fond memories, after all we like you to come back to us, to visit the area of Pomapata again, to spend your vacations in a pleasant atmosphere - with us.
Where?For your convenience our trek starts in Chiquian and finishes there as well. We pick you up, accompany you all the way until we deliver you back to your hostal. And we will assist you in catching a convenient bus back to Lima or Huaraz or any other destination of your choice.
When?Generally this trek can be done throughout the year. However we recommend the dry season (May through October), which is more busy in the Huayhuash circuit. In early May the plants are blossoming, which is a wonderful sight for you. Plan about 17 days for this trek, if possible a few days extra for better acclimatisation to the altitude. This can be done in Chiquian as well as in Pomapata.
Who?To do the Huayhuash trek you must be very fit. There are no technical climbs, however the trails usually are at elevations beyond 3.500 meters and reach up to 5.100 meters. The air is thin and we have few chances for medical aid along the way, so you have to be able to do the hiking for the full time. For emergency cases we can use the pack animals to get you out faster. Have a health check done before you set out, please.
What?Adventurers who do this trek usually have the equipment they need, from tent to sleeping bag, from cooking stove to water bottle. Our trail guide will bring his own equipment and can sleep one or two of you in his tent (Sherpa Dome Plus). We provide the pack animals and the trail guide to show you the way, to bring you to our destination safely. Upon request we can provide you with high-quality gear like tent (Sherpa Dome Plus or North Face), backpack (Lowe, Gregory), sleeping bag or stove. Food we buy together in Chiquian; the price for the food is not included in our price.
Tour details Route: Chiquian - Pomapata - Quebrada Condor - Cuartelhain - Mitucoccha - Carhuacoccha - Lna. Viconga - Huayllapa - Tapush - Chiquian
Tour description From Chiquian we pass Quero towards Pomapata, where we have our first stay. We discover the Condor valley, then move towards Cuartelhain. Up the Cacanan pass, where we get to the Atlantic side. Down to the Laguna Mitucoccha, where we will have another camp. Carhuacoccha next day, wonderful sight of Yerupaja. On we go, past the settlement Huayhuash, to the Laguna Viconga. Our Southern-most point is reached, we cross the Cuncush pass and the San Antonio, then pass Huayllapa and start the steep ascent towards the Tapush. A look over to the Jahuacoccha must be, then back via Pacllon to Chiquian we head.
Inquire here If you like to do this trip with our people, pleasecontact ussoon, even before you know the final details of your trip. Our men speak mainly Spanish and Quechua, and very limited English, however with some goodwill and mutual efforts we will understand each other nicely. We try hard to make your experience worthwhile and lasting, just not everything is perfect. We offer you a cordial atmosphere and a very reasonable price. Talk to our contact man by mail, and you will be surprised in many positive ways. And if we do not answer immediately, then please know that we have not yet electric current in Pomapata nor do we have internet in our village - and give us some days to answer, please. We look forward to serve you, to show you our incredible nature in a harmonous ambiente.contact us here

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