Pomapata – Paradise of the Andes

Pomapata - Photoalbum
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new photos of 2006............................
foto: two ladies working near Pomapata
two ladies working
foto: two children in Pomapata
young and shy
foto: Don Sokratesa
friendly Don Sokrates
foto: main road into Pomapata
main road into Pomapata
foto: pretty Princess of Pomapata
pretty Princess
foto: inside Pomapata
inside Pomapata
foto: Huayhuash - Yerupaja
Huayhuash: Yerupaja
foto: Señor Sabino of Pomapata
Queñual tree
foto: lovely flower in the rocks
Chancayog mountain
foto: Señor Mauricio Lecaro of Pomapata
Señor Lecaro
foto: Señor Sabino of Pomapata
Señor Sabino
foto: lovely flower in the rocks
tender flowers
foto: steep trails
steep trails over Chupan Ceja
foto: Laguna Winco
Laguna Winco
foto: Chancayog mountain
Chancayog mountain
foto: moonrise
foto: starry nightsky
nightsky over Chancayog
foto: Condorcoccha
foto: Thermal bath bassin Conoc
Thermal bath at Conoc
foto: cataracts above Pomapata
cataracts above Pomapata
foto: cataracts near Conoc
cataracts near Conoc
foto: young men of Pomapata
foto: beautiful ladies of Pomapata
foto: lovely Pomapata girl
foto: Nevado ...
foto: valley beyond Pallca
valley beyond Pallca
foto: la Plaza de Pomapata
la Plaza de Pomapata

and the older photos............................
Center and Eastern part of Pomapata
Center and Eastern part of the scenic village of Pomapata
casa in Pomapata
typical 'casa' in Pomapata - natural way of living and relaxing
western part of Pomapata
the westside of Pomapata - its friendly inhabitants live in good neighborship
photo: valley at Pallca, above Pomapata
Pallca, North of Pomapata
foto: hut at Mesapata
hut at Mesapata
creek near Pomapata
trail near crystal clear creek near Pomapata
photo of young Inca Princesses
young Inca Princesses
foto of valley Encuentro
"Encuentro" valley
foto: mule looking for a job?
mule looking for a job?

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