Pomapata – Paradise of the Andes

Location of Pomapata:
Pomapata is perched on a small and lovely plateau high above the Rio Pomapata at an elevation of 3.928 meters (12,890 feet) above the level of the Sea.
The village is protected by the high and magnificent mountains of the Cordillera del Mulo, with peaks reaching well above 5000 meters. Towards the North-East the valley is opening up, so the morning sun will warm the frozen souls soon after sunrise.
Access to Pomapata is by trail - easy to hike with horses or donkeys in about 5...7 hours from Chiquian. Quero is the only village along the way, so be prepared for hours of solitude on a well trodded path often in full heat of the sun. Water can only be found on the second, upper part of the trail, at the river near Quero and further up. The quality is very clean and of excellent taste. A small map I sketched for a general idea about the location.

Update as of December 2003: From Chiquian a new road of mud and stones has been built to the villages of Llamac and Pacllon. Regular buses frequent almost daily. From this road, a new leg shall reach Quero in a few months. So far the road is about 1 km short of its destination. A bus running daily with the exception of Saturdays leaves Chiquian around 8 am. It brings you as far as the road is navigable and will return to Chiquian around noon time. The price is 3 Soles.
Beyond Pomapata there is a hot spring right near the trail leading further up into the mountains, about 30 minutes of hiking along the Rio towards the Cordillera del Mulo. Wonderful Lagunas and majestic mountains covered with ice and snow are awarding nature lovers and mountaineers at much higher elevations.

most recent update: 6. October 2005
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