Pomapata — Paradise of the Andes

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The lovely village of Pomapata is barely known in Peru and yet undiscovered by tourism. You discover a small settlement hidden in a picturesque valley above Quero on the trail leading to the virgen Cordillera del Mulo. Find these wonderful people with sincere beliefs and warm hearts. Any friendly tourist is welcome by the Pomapatians. Hotels and shops are non-existant as you are expected to be on your own up here in the mountains anyway. Be amazed when walking the short distance along the only way through the houses, and you cannot go astray. The small Plaza is placed at the NoethEastern end of the village, where the trail leads down to the river and then further up into the Cordillera del Mulo as well as towards the Cordillera Huayhuash via the Quebrada Condor valley.

Just beyond Pomapata a hot spring near the trail in the sunny, wind protected valley invites you any time of the day, any time of the year, to enjoy a warm relaxing bath. Access is easy and free, water temperature is changing. Last time I have been there, it was around 20 degrees centigrade.

You better leave early in Chiquian, with the first light, go down to the scenic Rio Pativilca and reach the adobe huts of Quisipata on the opposite ground. The sun is not yet up, if you are lucky, so hike higher towards the East, gain altitude before the scorching heat doubles your efforts, lets your sweat flow like a rivulet. Enjoy the powerful perfumes of the vegetation around you, and keep trekking on.

Slope after slope you have to hike higher, passing Rio Seco (dry river!), and all this without any supply of water. The view is majestic, those giant  mountains, with scenic, idyllic spots built  wonderfully in between. The upper part towards the pass and beyond you stay on the dirt road, because its construction erased the scenic trail which served the campesinos for over 100 years.You reach Quero after 5 or 6 hours, and near Quero awaits you fresh water before you change towards the other side of the creek. The water is pure and you can drink from this totally clean river, even if occasionally a cow enjoys a sejour in the middle of the water.....

You are way beyond midpoint now, and if you keep hiking, you should be in Pomapata within two more hours of most pleasant hiking. The trail winds up and down, along the thundering torrent, and you have both shooting cascades on your side as well as the perfume of wonderful and lovely flowers blossoming everywhere around you. The way to Pomapata is wonderful, the way to Pomapata is exciting, the trail to Pomapata  is recommendable, do it. Even if you approach Quero by microbus.

Latest news 2008: Mining activities will change the previously pristine landscape. A new road is about to be built into these remote natural treasures, life will never be the same again. Help the people to be aware of the side effects of such 'development'. Both the Antamina and the Mina Condor in the nearby Huayhuash operations left villagers with dead fish in the creeks, with pollution unkown before, with destructions of their culture and property.

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